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Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Elder Mist (Boss Fight)



Sea of Stars: Elder Mist

Elder Mist is the first giant boss that players will encounter in Sea of Stars. He is one of the main bosses that players will have to defeat to progress in the game. Once players have made their way to the top of the Mountain Trail area, they will get to fight the Elder Mist.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Defeat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars.

How to Defeat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars

Elder Mist is a giant enemy boss who deals a great amount of damage by unleashing the charge attacks of his sword. Getting hit by his sword attacks will leave the players to their last breath which can be depleted on the very next hit from Elder Mist. However, there is a way to lower the potential of Elder Mist’s Sword that players should consider right from the beginning of the fight.

Elder Mist Fight Strategy

To defeat Elder Mist without a sweat, focus and strike the Elder Mist’s Sword instead of Elder Mist himself. When players get their turn in the fight, they will see that they have two hitting targets, Elder Mist, and Elder Mist’s Sword. Players need to attack their physical attacks and then their Skills on Sword to decrease its damage potential. When Elder Mist starts to ready his next attack, you need to hit him with a similar attack that he is charging. For instance, if he is charging the Lunar Attacks, use the Moonerang Skill of Valera to break his charged attack.

By breaking the charged attacks, Elder Mist will be left with his Right Arm only which he would only use to punch the characters. As he is punching, press the X/A Button at the time of impact to block the attack and take less damage from it. Similarly, while doing attacks, make sure to press the X/A button to increase the potential of your attacks to deal more damage.

If one of your characters is low on HP, make sure to heal the character first, either by using the Food Items or using the Healing Light Skill of Zale. Keeping all of your characters alive in the fight is crucial as it increases the chances of your survival and winning the fight.

Rinse and repeat the strategy to easily defeat Elder Mist.


Defeating Elder Mist will reward you with 240 Experience Points.

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