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Sea of Stars: How to Play Wheels minigame



Sea of Stars: How to Play Wheels minigame

We get to see unique and various kinds of minigames in the RPG genre of games which mainly enhances the overall experience of the players for the game. Similarly, the new JRPG, Sea of Stars has a completely unique minigame called Wheels for its players. At a glance, it would look like slots but in reality, it is a 1v1 challenging game that gives handsome rewards for winning.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Wheels minigame in Sea of Stars.

What is Wheels in Sea of Stars

As mentioned above, Wheels is a minigame in Sea of Stars that looks like a Slots game but it is not. It is a popular game among the locals in the lively towns of Maldives and every area has its champion of Wheels. Players can challenge the champion of each town and earn useful rewards like powerful Relics by defeating the champions.

The Wheels minigame is completely optional in Sea of Stars and you can just walk past it without skipping any main story point. However, the players who want to take on the challenge and experience what the minigame has to offer would have to invest some serious time and learn the mechanics of the minigame itself to become the champion.

How to Play Wheels in Sea of Stars

Wheels is a 1v1 minigame where you will get to challenge an NPC, either for a casual game or for the championship. You and your opponent will have to pick two heroes each and aim to destroy the Crown of the opponent by using the abilities of selected Heroes. To use the abilities of the heroes, you and your opponent will have to spin the wheel. Whatever abilities you get, your heroes will act accordingly.

There are three possible options that the wheel will unveil for both of the players when they spin the wheel.

  • Hammer: It will allow you to build defenses around your crown to defend it from the standard attacks of the opponent.
  • Squares: It will strengthen the next attack of your Hero on the left side.
  • Diamonds: It will strengthen the next attack of your Hero on the right side.

The Squares and Diamonds also have a rare outcome of Blue Background which provides XP instantly to your Hero allowing them to level up quickly. For leveling, there are three different levels for each Hero, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Every Hero starts from Bronze Level and as they progress through the match and attack the crown, they will level up improving their overall stats. Throughout the whole course of the match, whoever deals 10 damage to the crown first, wins the match of the Wheels.

Best Heroes for the Wheels minigame

There are 6 Heroes in total from which you and your opponent will get to select two each.

  • Warrior: A stead and moderately fast damage dealer.
  • Mage: Attacks twice.
  • Archer: Strong against Crown, weak against Bulwark.
  • Engineer: Strong against Bulwark, weak against Crown.
  • Assassin: Slow down the opponent’s Hero.
  • Priest: Supports Hero and heals team Crown.

The best heroes to choose in casual matches are probably the Warrior and Mage. Both of them have the ability to deal more damage to the crown and with the Mage in the team, you will attack the crown no matter how strong the defense of the opponent.

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