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Sea of Stars: How to Cook



Sea of Stars - Cooking

Cooking is one of the crucial activities in Sea of Stars that will allow you to prepare cooking recipes for your journey. All the cooking recipes have a certain effect that will benefit you in combat. Some of the recipes replenish HP, some replenish MP, and some both of them. As HP & MP, both are crucial aspects of combat, your characters must stand strong in front of the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to cook in Sea of Stars.

How to Cook in Sea of Stars

Cooking in Sea of Stars is pretty simple as there are no complex cooking systems in the game that would require you to cut down wood and set up a camp or take the food off the flame before it gets burnt, nothing like that. It is pretty basic and peaceful to cook in Sea of Stars as it only requires players to find a pre-built camp on the paths that they are traversing through and interact with it. Interacting with the camp will give the option of “Cook” which players need to select to cook the recipe.

However, there is one thing that players need to have to cook the food recipe which is the required ingredients themselves. There are over 20 different recipes that players will get to learn the recipes for as they venture through different areas. Each recipe requires a certain number of ingredients that players must have to cook the recipe. To get the ingredients in Sea of Stars, players will have to harvest every bush they see, every farm they go through, fishing, or buy the ingredients from the merchants found in different towns.

It is crucial to look at every possible corner to find an item or ingredient in Sea of Stars. Getting loads of ingredients will allow you to cook several food recipes that can be enjoyed later in the journey or eaten eagerly to get certain effects.

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