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Sea of Stars: How to Heal



Sea of Stars: How to Heal

Sea of Stars is an Adventure Role-Playing Game in which players will get to experience the journey of two Solstice Warriors. The game takes place in the Maldives, a number of islands that players will get to explore as they progress through the story. There are various creatures and enemies that players will encounter as they progress and one of the crucial aspects of combat to consider is healing. Healing your characters will give them a chance to stay alive in the fight for a longer period and come out victorious.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal in Sea of Stars.

How to Heal in Sea of Stars

There are various ways through which players can heal their characters in the party during combat. Sea of Stars offers turn-based combat that allows players to take turns in combat to deal damage to enemies. However, as the fight goes on, characters will also take damage that players should consider healing before they KO in the fight.

The primary way to heal during combat is by using the Tomato Club items. Tomato Club is a healing item in Sea of Stars that players will get by exploring the areas and completing the quests. Earlier in the game players will get 6x Tomato Club from the Headmaster of Zenith Academy by completing the training and defeating Wyrd.

It is crucial to keep picking up these healing items as they will come in handy during the boss fights later in the game. To heal by using Tomato Club, players need to wait for their turn and select the Items tab. Select the Tomato Club from the items and they will get two options, they can either use it on the selected character or they can use it on the other characters in the party. Select the character that you want to heal and it will replenish 20 HP.

Another way to heal during combat is by using the Healing Light Skill of Zale. When players get their turn, they can access the Skills tab and select the Healing Light skill to heal all of the characters in the party. Using this skill will cost 4 Mana Points and it will replenish 10 – 15 HP.

Always keep your eyes on the HP of your characters and if they are low on HP, use the healing items or cast the healing spell instead of attacking to increase the chances of their survival.

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