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Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Wyrd (Boss Fight)



Sea of Stars: Wyrd

Wyrd is the first boss in Sea of Stars that players will get to defeat once they have completed their training at Zenith Academy. Fighting this boss is the final test of their training that they should pass. Wyrd has several weaknesses that it will shuffle from time to time and players will have to choose their attack accordingly to deal more damage to Wyrd.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Wurd in Sea of Stars.

How to Defeat Wyrd in Sea of Stars

Wyrd is a giant rock creature who is a part of the final test at Zenith Academy. After learning the basic and magic combat moves from the training, players will get to encounter Wyrd. Wyrd has three weaknesses that it will shuffle from time to time during the fight.

Combat Strategy for Defeating Wyrd

At the start of the fight, choose the simple physical attack to deal damage to Wyrd with both of the characters. Make sure to press the X/A Button at the time of attacking Wyrd to land an extra hit on Wyrd to deal additional damage. As Wyrd attacks, make sure to block its attack to take less damage. After the attack of Wyrd, it will change its weakness.

  • Sun Weakness: If Wyrd changes the weakness to Sun, you need to use the Sunball skill of Zale to deal critical damage to Wyrd.
  • Moon Weakness: If Wyrd changes the weakness to Moon, you need to use the Moonerang skill of Valera to deal critical damage to Wyrd.
  • Physical Weakness: If Wyrd changes the weakness to Physical, simply choose the attack to deal physical damage to Wyrd to leave it Vulnerable.

NOTE: It will shuffle weaknesses randomly so, choose accordingly.

It will not take long to defeat Wyrd and you just have to play according to the strategy to defeat it efficiently.


After defeating Wyrd, players will get 40 Experience Points which will help them level up their characters. Make sure to choose efficient Stat bonuses for the characters at the Level Up screen.

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