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Sea of Stars – Leveling Guide for Garl



Sea of Stars: Leveling for Garl

Apart from leveling up Zale and Valera in Sea of Stars, you will get to level up their best friend, Garl as well. Garl is a childhood friend of Zale and Valera that players will get to know as they play through the starting hour of the game. Not long into the story of the game, Zale and Valera will get to meet Garl again and allow him to join in their adventure. As there are 3 members allowed in a party for combat, including Garl can be a great choice.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what stat bonuses to pick for Garl as you level him up in Sea of Stars.

How to Level Up Garl in Sea of Stars

Leveling Up Garl is similar to leveling up Zale and Valera in Sea of Stars. Once you have reunited with Garl in the main story, Garl will automatically enter your party. From this point, for every fight that you encounter, Garl will be its part and as you win the fights, Garl will gain Experience Points along with Zale and Valera. However, as you progress ahead in the story and unlock more characters, you will have to choose any three of the characters for the fight. To level up Garl quickly, it is best to choose Garl for every fight so that you can increase his stats quickly by selecting the Bonus Stats for him.

Best Bonus Stats for Garl in Sea of Stars

Choosing the Bonus Stats is crucial for increasing the potential of the characters and it is the same for Garl. Although, Garl is not a Solstice Warrior and doesn’t use any kind of Magic does not mean that you should not pick MP for him. He requires MP as much as other characters of the game. Garl is mainly your Tank character who deals a lot of damage with his Physical Attack and heals allies with his unique ability. All abilities cost MP, no matter whether they are magical or not. Garl’s skills will use MP in the same way as they do for others.

Leveling guide for Garl

Garl’s main skills are Nourish and Cooker Surprise which cost a certain amount of MP. It is best to pick the MP Stat Bonus for Garl at the early levels and as you progress further, select the ATK and DEF stat bonuses for Garl to increase his physical and defense potential. As Garl can take several hits, it will help you stand in the fight for a longer period increasing chances of your winning.

As you increase the MP, the overall damage of Garl’s Skills will improve and allow you to obliterate enemies in a few turns with Garl.

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