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Sea of Stars: Leveling Guide for Zale and Valera



Sea of Stars - Level Up

Zale and Valera are the main characters in Sea of Stars that players will get to play throughout the main story. However, there are 6 playable characters in Sea of Stars that can be played and leveled up through the course of the story but the main two characters are Zale and Valera. Leveling up Zale and Valera is considerably more crucial than other characters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what Stat Bonuses to pick for Zale and Valera in Sea of Stars.

How to Level Up in Sea of Stars

To Level Up in Sea of Stars, players will have to engage in every possible fight they can to earn Experience Points. Winning every encounter with attacks or magic abilities will give a certain amount of Experience Points which will level up all the characters in the party and provide a Stat Bonus for each character. Leveling up will take players to the Level Up menu where players will get to select the Stat Bonus of their choice for each character in the party.

Leveling up provides a balanced bonus to each stat of the character but choosing the Stat Bonus will enhance a certain stat of the character allowing players to increase the potential of the character in a certain role.

Best Stat Bonuses for Zale

Zale is a flexible character and can be used to play multiple roles. He can be a healer, deal decent damage to enemies with physical attacks, and use some strong magic against a few enemies. He’s also pretty good at protecting himself. At the beginning of the game, it’s best to make Zale better at Mana Points (MP) and Magic. This is because his special move, Sunball, needs a lot of MP, and when he heals other characters in the party, it works better if he’s better at Magic. As you add more people to your group, you can choose to make Zale better at different things, depending on what you like.

Best Stat Bonuses for Valera

Valere is like a fighting monk. She can deal a lot of damage, but she’s not so good at protecting herself from getting hurt. The most important thing to make her stronger is her Physical Attack. This even makes her special move, crescent slash, better. After that, when you can, make her Magic Power stronger. This is important for her move called Lunar Shield, which can save her life in tough situations.

Obviously, you can start choosing the other Stat Bonuses later in the game when there are more characters in your party. Until then it is better to make Zale better as a Mage and Valera as a defense character.

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