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Sea of Stars: Prologue – Walkthrough



Sea of Stars: Prologue

Sea of Stars is a new Adventure Role-Playing game set in the Maldives, a group of islands.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Prologue of Sea of Stars.

Prologue – Walkthrough

After selecting the starting character either Zale or Valera, players will get an introduction to the magical warriors. The Archivist will not reveal much as players will get to find out by themselves by progressing in the main story. After the briefing introduction, players will enter the Mountain Trail area.

Mountain Trail

Despite the character selection at the beginning, players will get to go to the east trail and encounter the very first enemy right away. The game offers turn-based combat and players will be able to defeat the creature by simply attacking it a couple of times. After defeating the enemy, go ahead on the path and a creature will start following you. Cross the bridge to reach the other side and you will get to fight the creature and be introduced to the Skills.

Attack the creature with a melee strike and then select the Skills tab to use the magic ability. Hold down the X Button to charge the skill and unleash it on the creature to defeat it. After defeating the creature, you will hear from Valera and you have to interact with the ladder to go down and take the path that Valera took at the start.

Go along the west trail and keep following the path until you reach another creature. Defeat the creature in your way and go ahead to regroup with Valera.

Sit at the campfire and the prologue will conclude.

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