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Icarus: New Frontiers – How to Get Clay



Icarus: New Frontiers - Clay

Clay is one of the new resources that have been added in the new DLC of Icarus, New Frontiers. With the Clay added, players will be able to build new Clay Structures in their Outposts. They can use Clay to build a whole house made up of bricks. If you like building then getting Clay will be a lot of fun for you in Icarus: New Frontiers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Clay in Icarus: New Frontiers.

How to Get Clay in Icarus: New Frontiers

Clay is one of the newly added resources in Icarus that players will be able to get in the new Map, Prometheus. Prometheus is the most difficult map until now and it offers three different biomes for players to discover. Each biome has different nature of animals and creatures that players will get to encounter and there are various new resources that players will get.

To get Clay in Icarus: New Frontiers, players need to set up their Outpost in any one of the biomes of Prometheus and then travel to The Swamp biome. There are two Swamp biomes in Prometheus, one is located on the east side of the map and the other one is located on the west side of the map. Go to any of the swamp biomes and look for brown rocks. They mostly spawn alongside the river so, keep walking along the river to find the Rocks.

To break the Rocks, you need a hammer instead of Pickaxe. So, make sure to bring any kind of Hammer to break the rock and pick up the broken pieces to pick up the Clay.

Another thing worth mentioning for getting Clay in Icarus: New Frontiers, you need to bring plenty of food with you because the Rocks in The Swamp biome have Miasmic Coating on them which is toxic and will deal a certain amount of damage to you when you pick up the Clay. As you farm Clay, make sure to eat food to replenish your Health to avoid getting dead.

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