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Icarus: New Frontiers – How to Get Distilled Miasmic Coating



Icarus: New Frontiers - Distilled Miasmic Coating

There are over 100 new crafting recipes that players will be able to craft in the new DLC of Icarus, New Frontiers. As players explore the biomes of the new map Prometheus, they will find themselves new exquisite resources that can be turned into useful items and refined resources. One of the refined resources that players will be able to get is Distilled Miasmic Coating which is mainly used for making new Tier 4 Miasmic Tools.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Distilled Miasmic Coating in Icarus: New Frontiers.

How to Get Distilled Miasmic Coating in Icarus: New Frontiers

Distilled Miasmic Coating is one of the new refined resources in Icarus: New Frontiers. To get the Distilled Miasmic Coating, players will need the Crystallised Miasma that is mainly gathered from killing and skinning the animals in the Swamp biomes of Prometheus. Once players have a decent amount of Crystallised Miasma, they need to refine it at the Chemistry Bench to get the Distilled Miasmic Coating.

If you have played the earlier DLCs of Icarus, you might have unlocked the Chemistry Bench but if you haven’t and are new to the game, you can unlock the Chemistry Bench at Tier 4 of your Tech Tree. Once you have reached Tier 4 of the Tech Tree, you will unlock the Blueprint for Chemistry Bench which then can be crafted at the Fabricator with the following resources.

  • 20x Steel Ingot
  • 30x Refined Wood
  • 20x Electronics
  • 10x Composites
  • 10x Glass

After crafting the Chemistry Bench, you need to provide 2,500 Power to the Chemistry Bench to refine resources at it. Once all the things have been set up at your Outposts, interact with the Chemistry Bench and place the Crystallised Miasma in the inventory of the Chemistry Bench. Select the Distilled Miasmic Coating recipe from the recipes list and select the Craft option to craft the Distilled Miasmic Coating.

It will consume 1x Crystallised Miasma to convert it into 1x Distilled Miasmic Coating. So, the more Crystallised Miasma you place in the inventory, the more it will produce.

As mentioned earlier, Distilled Miasmic Coating is used to craft new Miasmic Tools, so you will be needing plenty of it to craft all 6 tools.

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