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Icarus: New Frontiers – How to Get Crystallised Miasma



Icarus: New Frontiers - Crystallised Miasma

The new DLC of Icarus, New Frontiers is out now and it offers a new world where players can set up their outposts, complete missions, gather new resources, craft new tools, and much more. Prometheus is the new world map that players will get to explore and it offers three new biomes that players will get to explore. There are several new resources that can be gathered from inside the biomes of Prometheus and one of the new resources is Crystallised Miasma.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Crystallised Miasma in Icarus: New Frontiers.

How to Get Crystalised Miasma in Icarus: New Frontiers

Crystallised Miasma is a new resource in Icarus: New Frontiers DLC that is used in various crafting recipes including new Tier 4 Miasmic Tools. The new tools offer significantly more bonuses in gathering respective resources to the tool type. However, in making new tools, players will have to gather Crystallised Miasma as it is the primary required resource for new tools.

To get the Crystallised Miasma in Icarus: New Frontiers, players will have to go to The Swamp biomes in Prometheus. There are two Swamp biomes in Prometheus world, one is located on the east side of the map and the other one is located on the west of the map. Players need to go to any one of the Swamp biomes and hunt for animals in the Swamp biomes. Take out any animal you find in the Swamp biome and use the knife to skin it to get a certain amount of Crystallised Miasma.

The drop rate of the number of Crystallised Miasma on an animal’s skin is random. So by skinning the animal, sometimes players will get a large number of Crystallised Miasma and sometimes they will get a low number of Crystallised Miasma. Players can store up to 200 Crystallised Miasma in a single box of their inventory.

Gathering Crystallised Miasma will help players craft new available recipes in the DLC and one of the main recipes that Crystallised Miasma is used in Distilled Miasmic Coating which can be then used for crafting Miasmic Tools.

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