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Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Bosslug (Boss Fight)



Sea of Stars: Bosslug

Bosslug is the second main boss that players will get to encounter in Sea of Stars. After completing the training at Zenith Academy, the players will get to enter the Forbidden Cavern where they will encounter Bosslug.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Bosslug in Sea of Stars.

How to Defeat Bosslug in Sea of Stars

Bosslug is one of the earlier big bosses in Sea of Stars that players will get to encounter in Forbidden Cavern and players will have to attack it with a strategy to deal the most damage.  During the fight, a number of possible weaknesses will roll up on Bosslug that players should consider exploiting.

At the start, players need to use the physical attack of the characters to deal damage to Bosslug. Make sure to press the X/A Button at the time of attacking Bosslug to land an extra hit on it to deal additional damage. As Bosslug attacks by spitting acid, make sure to block its attack to take less damage. If the Power level rolls up that includes Sun, players need to use the Sunball Skill of Zale to deal critical damage. If the Crescent rolls up, then players need to use the Moonerang Skill of Valera to deal critical damage.

By successfully dealing critical damage to Bosslug, it will shake the cavern and try to drop rocks on Zale and Valera. Press the X/A to block the rocks to avoid the damage. Bosslug will also spawn Acid Bug Bombs during the fight that players need to eliminate as well. The best way to eliminate them as well as deal damage to Bosslug is by using the Moonerang skill of Valera. Deflect the Moonerang to deal damage to the bugs and Bosslug in a single turn.

By using the physical attacks and skills, the combo will get charged. Players need to use it when the power level of physical attacks rolls up. Use the combo to deal critical damage to Bosslug. Make sure to use the Tomato Club as well to heal your character during the fight as Bosslug can shoot a couple of spits of acid at the same time which is hard to block.

Other than that, Rinse and repeat the strategy to defeat the Bosslug. Use the Skills whenever the MP is charged to deal critical damage to Bosslug.


Defeating Bosslug will give 80 Experience Points that will help players level up their characters.  

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