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Palia: How to Get Gold Ore



Palia: Gold Ore

There are several materials to gather in Palia that will allow you to craft more exquisite items in the game. Materials like ores are crucial to unlocking new tools, items, and much more in Palia. One of the ores that you will be able to get later in the game is Gold Ore. Gold Ores will allow you to craft them into Gold Bars that are used for advanced crafting recipes in the game as well as offer a high selling price that will allow players to earn gold more quickly.

Want to know how to get Gold Ores then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to get Gold Ores in Palia.

How to Get Gold Ores in Palia

Gold Ore is the rarest among other ores in the Palian World and it only drops as a secondary drop from the Iron Nodes scattered over in Bahari Bay. You will have to at least get a Standard Axe to mine the Iron Nodes in Bahari Bay and there is a chance that a node will drop a Gold Ore along with Iron Ores and regular Stones.

There are three sizes of Iron Nodes in Bahari Bay, Small, Medium, and Large. The Medium and Large Iron Nodes have a chance to dop a couple of Gold Ores from mining them. So, if you are aiming to get only Gold Ores, you need to mine the Medium and Large Iron Nodes. You can find them along the cliffs and on top of the cliffs in Bahari Bay. You can start your mining route from the north side of Bahari Bay and come to the south side of the map zone.

The Iron Nodes also spawn inside the Pavel Mines so take a detour of the mines as well while going along the route. There is no certain number of Ores that you will get from each Iron Node. The drop rate of the number of Gold Ores is random and it can drop 1 – 4 Gold Ores depending on the size of the Iron Node.

That is all related to how to get Gold Ores in Palia.

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