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Sunkenland: How to Make Wooden Spear



Sunkenland: Wooden Spear

Wooden Spear is one of the earlier weapons that players can make easily in Sunkenland to increase the chances of their survival. Players can use the Wooden Spear to kill the crabs on the coastline of their starting island as well as defend their starting base from the mutants or other factions with this weapon.

Want to know how to get Wooden Spear in Sunkenland, then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to make a Wooden Spear in Sunkenland.

How to Make a Wooden Spear in Sunkenland

Making the Wooden Spear is easy in Sunkenland and you can make it right away when you discover Castaway Island. There is no need to learn any recipe or unlock the blueprint for Wooden Spear in Sunkenland. The only thing that is required is a bunch of Wood Planks.

Equip your stone hatchet and break down some trees to get 10x Wood Plank. Once you have the Wood Plank, open the inventory by pressing the Tab button and then select the Weapons Tab in the Simple Crafting section. Locate the Wooden Spear in the Weapons Tab and select the Craft option to make the Wooden Spear.

The Wooden Spear will be added to your inventory which then you can drag to your quick inventory and equip it. It does 32 damage which is the highest among the other starting weapons in the game. You can easily use it for your earlier days of survival in the Sunken World and gather resources to upgrade to more advanced weapons by researching their recipes at the Research Table.

That is all related to how to make a Wooden Spear in Sunkenland. 

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