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Sunkenland: How to Get Wood Plank



Sunkenland: Wood Plank

Sunkenland is a new survival game that takes place in a sunken world with various islands located at a distance waiting to be discovered by the players. However, before players get to start discovering them, they need to settle themselves at the starting island, Castaway Island. To craft any type of basic structure, players will be required to Wood Plank. It is one of the most common resources in the game and players will need a lot of it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Wood Plank in Sunkenland.

How to Get Wood Plank in Sunkenland

All the wood structures will require Wood Plank to craft them and to get the Wood Plank, players need to cut down the bushes, small trees, and big trees. Bushes and Small Trees will drop regular planks whereas, the big trees will drop the Logs. Each bush and small tree will drop 4x Wood Plank whereas, the big trees will drop 4x logs which are divided into 16x Wood Plank when picked up. Sometimes, the Wood Planks can be found as it is on the island as well so, it is useful to venture around the island from time to time to gather Wood Plank without cutting down anything.

Fortunately, players will not have to worry about getting the Axe because the game is forgiving and every player will start with a Stone Axe. Stone Axes can be used to cut down trees, kill crabs, and much more. Alternatively, players can also get the Wood Plank by using the Stone Axe on wooden structures found deep in the ocean.

The wooden structures are found in the buildings/houses sunken deep into the ocean. Dive into the ocean and explore the buildings/houses to find beds, cupboards, etc. The Wooden Structures will show a hatchet symbol on them when players go near them. Strike Stone Axe on them to collect Wood Plank.

As Wood Planks are needed in high quantities to build structures or illuminate light in the darkness, players must gather them frequently and store them in storage chests.

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