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Blasphemous 2: How to Unlock Ivy of Ascension Ability



Blasphemous 2: How to Unlock Ivy of Ascension Ability

Blasphemous 2 has several character abilities that players can unlock as they progress through the story. Initially, players will have no abilities, which will only allow them to take a linear path to reach new areas. However, as players make progress and gain new abilities, they will be able to take different paths available in the area to reach new locations. One of the earliest abilities that players will get is Ivy of Ascension, which will allow them to stick to and climb certain surfaces without falling.

How to Unlock Ivy of Ascension Ability

The Ivy of Ascension’s ability is unlocked by finding the mysterious jar filled with powers. You can find the jar held by a giant white statue in the Profundo Lamento area. This area is located beneath the City of the Blessed Name. As you progress from the City of the Blessed Name, you will descend to the Profundo Lamento area. You need to drop down a couple of levels and instead of going to the left side, you need to go to the right side to enter a small area filled with the bodies of Ruined Knights.

As you progress, you will have to defeat a Ruined Knight enemy. After defeating the Ruined Knight, Yerma will appear in the room. Make sure to talk to her to unlock the Weapon Memories system. After talking to Yerma, keep going right and you will see a Tears of Atonement pool in front. However, as you go ahead, the floor will break and you will drop down.

Blasphemous 2: How to Unlock Ivy of Ascension Ability

By falling down from that level, you will land next to the very statue that is holding the jar. Press the E button to equip the powers from the jar and unlock the Ivy of Ascension ability. Once you have the Ivy of Ascension ability, you will be able to climb certain surfaces by pressing the Left Shift key. With this ability unlocked, you will be able to progress ahead and unlock new areas.

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