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Blasphemous 2: How to Increase Maximum Fervour



Blasphemous 2: Increase Maximum Fervour

Blasphemous 2 combat can be tackled in two main ways, the first one is by using the Melee Weapons to deal physical damage and the other one is by Reciting Quick Verses and Chants to deal magic damage to enemies. Using Melee Weapons is the primary way to take down enemies but it can also be crucial to use spells to crowd-control enemies allowing you to increase your chances of survival. However, spells can only be used with Fervour (Blue Bar beneath the Health Bar) and powerful spells cost a high amount of Fervour that can deplete the Fervour bar completely. The quick depletion of Fervour issue can be resolved by increasing the amount of Fervour.

Want to know how to increase Maximum Fervour in Blasphemous 2, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to increase the maximum Fervour in Blasphemous 2.

How to Increase Maximum Fervour in Blasphemous 2

The starting Fervour of Penitent One is 150 and you can double it to 300 by going to the Hand NPC located in the Streets of Wakes area. The Hand will increase the maximum Fervour of the Penitent One if you give it the Fervent Kiss. Fervent Kiss is an item that can be found in hidden sections of the areas. There are 5 Fervent Kisses in total that you can find throughout your journey and bring them to the NPC to upgrade the maximum Fervour of your character to 300.

The Fervent Kisses can be found in the following areas/stages in Blasphemous 2.

  • Palace of the Embroideries
  • Streets of Wakes
  • Elevated Temples
  • Repose of the Silent One
  • Two Moons

The Hand NPC is located in the Streets of Wakes area and you will be able to reach this area by using the Veredicto weapon. If you have not selected the Veredicto Weapon at the start, you will have to complete the Sacred Entombments area to get your hands on Veredicto. Once you have the weapon, you need to make your way to the Profundo Lamento area and go to the center of the area and you will come across a passage on the right side where you will find a bell. Hit the bell with a Veredicto weapon to reach the Streets of Wakes area.

Now, you need to make your to the giant room on the left side on the first floor of the area to reach The Hand NPC. You will see several admirers praying and kissing the hand. Interact with the Hand and accept to Kneel to offer the Fervent Kiss if you have found any. Giving NPC the Fervent Kiss will increase +30 of your Maximum Fervour. If you give all 5 Fervent Kisses, your total Fervour will increase to 300 Fervour.

That is all related to how to increase the maximum Fervour in Blasphemous 2.

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