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Blasphemous 2: How to Increase Maximum Health



Blasphemous 2: Increase Maximum Health

Blasphemous 2 offers one of the most brutal combat encounters and can leave players in shamble after dying a couple of times. The enemies grow stronger as players progress in the game and their attacks obliterate the Penitent One in a couple of hits. To stand a higher chance against strong enemies, it is crucial for you to increase the Maximum Health of Penitent One.

Want to know how to increase the maximum health of your character in Blasphemous 2 then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to increase the maximum health in Blasphemous 2.

How to Increase Maximum Health in Blasphemous 2

The starting HP of Penitent One is 150 and you can double it to 300 by going to the Blood Upgrade Woman NPC located in the City of the Blessed Name. She will increase the maximum HP of the Penitent One if you give her the Ornate Chalice. Ornate Chalice is an item that can be found in hidden sections of the areas. There are 5 Ornate Chalices in total that you can find throughout the course of your journey and bring them to the NPC to upgrade the maximum HP of your character to 300.

The Ornate Chalices can be found in the following areas/stages in Blasphemous 2.

  • Sacred Entombments
  • Palace of the Embroideries
  • Sunken Cathedral
  • Can be Bought for 6000 Tears of Atonement from the Patio Shop in the Streets of Wakes area/stage.
  • Find 4 Daughters and Complete 4 challenges in the Dream of The Mother NPC who can be found lying on a Bed in the Streets of Wakes area.

The Blood Upgrade Woman is located on the far side of the City of the Blessed Name and to reach her, you will have to unlock the Ivy of Ascension ability which can be found in the Profundo Lamento area. Once you have obtained the ability, you need to make your way up to the City of the Blessed Name and cross the gap to reach the other side. As you go ahead, go down through the ladder and then enter the room.

You will reach the Blood Upgrade Woman that you can interact with and give her the Ornate Chalice if you have found any. By giving her the Ornate Chalice, she will increase +30 of your Maximum HP. If you give all 5 Ornate Chalices, your HP will increase to 300 HP. Additionally, you can also sacrifice a portion of your health to the Chalice placed near the NPC. If you sacrifice your health every time before you give her an item, it will increase +30HP of your maximum health as well.

That is all related to how to increase maximum health in Blasphemous 2.

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