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Blasphemous 2: How to Recite Quick Verses & Chants



Blasphemous 2: How to Recite Quick Verses & Chants

Blasphemous 2 offers in-depth combat in a side-scrolling format, allowing players to make unique plays to tackle enemies. Apart from regular slashing weapons, players can also recite quick verses and chants, which are magic spells that can damage enemies. Players can equip various available spells in the game to deal magic damage to enemies and eliminate multiple enemies with a single spell if used at the right moment.

Looking to learn how to recite Quick Verses & Chants in Blasphemous 2? Then you’re in the right place. This guide will assist you in reciting Quick Verses and Chants to eliminate enemies while dealing magic damage to them.

How to Recite Quick Verses & Chants in Blasphemous 2

Reciting Quick Verses and Chants is based on the Fervour Bar. It is the blue bar under the character’s main health bar, and reciting a Quick Verse or Chant will consume a certain amount of Fervour. In simple terms, it is like mana that is consumed when you use a Quick Verse or Chant. To recite a Quick Verse, you need to press the A button and to recite a Chant, you need to press the Down arrow key and the A button at the same time.

Quick Verses are weaker than Chants because they deal less damage to enemies, but they cast faster than Chants. Chants, on the other hand, deal more damage to enemies and have a longer range, which can deal magic damage to multiple enemies within the range of the spell.

How to Get Spells for Quick Verses & Chants

Quick Verses and Chants are not available from the start. You will need to find spells for either category in your journey. Spells can be found in chests, hidden areas, or along the path in different areas of the game. The spells are illuminated with blue fire and can be picked up by pressing the E button. When you pick up a spell, it will tell you the name of the spell. Before you can use the spell, you will need to equip it in its respective slot.

Blasphemous 2: How to Recite Quick Verses & Chants

To do this, press the ESC button to open your inventory and switch to the Prayers tab. There will be two different sections in the Prayers menu: Quick Verses and Chants. If the spell you picked up is a Quick Verse, it will show in the Quick Verses section. Otherwise, it will show in the Chants section. Select the spell and place it in the respective slot type. After that, you will be able to recite the Quick Verse or Chant by pressing the required key.

How to Gain Fervour

Since Fervour is the main resource for reciting Quick Verses and Chants, it is important to refill Fervour after using the prayers. Fervour can be gained in multiple ways in Blasphemous 2:

  • Attacking enemies: Each attack on an enemy will fill up a small amount of Fervour.
  • Performing executions: Executing enemies will fill up a decent amount of Fervour.

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