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Starfield: Best Combat Skills



Starfield: Best Combat Skills

Combat plays a crucial role while progressing in the main campaign of the game as well as exploring planets that have abandoned settlements. You can run into pirates or other human factions which will not go down without a fight. So, choosing the combat skills will help you get out of scrimmage situations.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the best skills for Combat in Starfield.

Best Combat Skills in Starfield

Combat is one of the skill categories in Starfield that mainly enhances the combat aspect of the game for players. There are 17 combat skills in total that players can unlock by spending the skill points but the essential way to gain more bonuses from the best skill is to upgrade them. Each Skill has 4 Ranks and gives out a certain bonus percentage on each rank. So, to gain more bonuses for your weapons or damage in general, rank up the skills first.

As there are many combat skills in Starfield, we will be going to tell you the ones that will help you a lot in combat and become unstoppable.

  • Ballistics: Ballistics is one of the crucial skills in Starfield that enhances the damage of weapons that use regular ammo. If you are a person who uses these kinds of weapons then upgrading the Ballistics skill is the first thing that you need to do. However, if you are running other guns like Shotguns, EM, or Melee, then you need to invest in associated skills to increase their damage.
  • Demolitions: Demolitions Skill is mainly focused on grenades and it can make a lot of impact in combat. Grenades can come in handy, especially in close quarters. Throw the grenade to take out a couple of enemies guaranteed.
  • Armor Penetration: As you progress further into the story, you will get to encounter heavily armored enemies. This skill will help you deal more damage to armored enemies and allow you to eliminate them quickly.
  • Sharpshooting: Sharpshooting is the last skill in Combat and it is also the most powerful skill in Combat. It increases the critical damage on enemies with ranged weapons and if you have a ranged weapon then this is a must skill that you need to unlock and upgrade.
  • Rapid Reloading: As the name describes, this skill will allow you to reload certain types of weapons quickly. Unlocking and upgrading this skill will allow you to shoot enemies non-stop by hardly stopping in between.

As we mentioned in Ballistics skill, if you are using another type of weapon, you need to spend your skill points in that respective skill type to gain bonuses on the weapon type you are using. As you progress further, you can unlock the remaining skills to easily win encounters against enemies.  

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