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Starfield: How to Upgrade Rank of Skills



Starfield: Upgrade Skills

Apart from unlocking the Skills in Starfield, players can also upgrade the Ranks of the unlocked skills. All the skills give a certain percentage of bonus of a certain physical attribute and to increase the percentage bonus, players will have to upgrade the Rank of the Skill.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade rank of skills in Starfield.

How to Upgrade Rank of Skills in Starfield

Every Skill of every category in Starfield has a maximum of 4 ranks. All Skills start at rank 1 which gives a certain bonus of 5% – 10% and to increase the bonus percentage to higher values, players will have to upgrade the rank of the skill one by one and all the way to Rank 4. Upgrading the skills is different from most of the RPGs out there and players will have to complete certain challenges in order to upgrade the ranks of the skills.

To upgrade the Rank of the Skill, players will have to complete a respective challenge of the skill. Each unlocked skill will have a respective challenge which can be seen by selecting the skill from the Skills menu. For instance, to increase the boost capacity of Boost Pack Training Skill, players will have to boost jump 10 times while in combat.

As players complete the challenge, the progression bar of the challenge will also pop up on the left side of the screen, notifying the players of the progression of the challenges. After completing a challenge, players will earn a Skill Point that can be used to upgrade the Rank of the Skill. To Rank up the skill, players need to go to the Skill Menu. Select the skill from the category that you want to rank up, and then press the A Button to increase the Rank of the skill.

Keep in mind that all the higher ranks will require their previous rank to be unlocked so, make sure to upgrade the rank after completing the challenge to gain more physical bonuses according to the skill.

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