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Starfield: How to Dock Your Ship



Starfield: Dock Your Ship

The space in Starfield World is immense and filled with bounty hunters and pirates that players will get to take out as they explore the space. There are several space stations as well that are only accessible via ship’s docking and you cannot fast travel to them. The space stations hold vendors that you can sell items to and NPCs that you can recruit. So, it is worth checking out space stations as you explore the solar systems in Starfield World.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Dock your Ship in Starfield.

How to Dock Your Ship in Starfield

The Docking of Ship is manual and players will have to do it on their own. There are two different situations in which players can dock their ship. They can either Dock their Ship on Space Station or they can dock their ship on top of the enemy’s ship if its engine has been damaged. Keep in mind that you cannot dock an enemy’s ship if it is destroyed, it can only be docked if its engine is down. However, in both scenarios, the process of docking your ship is the same.

  • After finding a Space Station or taking down the engine of an enemy’s ship, gradually make your way to the Space Station or the enemy’s ship.
  • Reduce the speed of your ship and press the A Button to enable the aim lock to make the docking easier.
  • Now, as you get close, the dock option will prompt on the screen.
  • Press the X Button to dock at the Space Station or the enemy’s Ship.

A small docking animation will play and after that, you can get out of the pilot seat and enter the space station or enemy’s ship for further exploration.

Sometimes the Space Station and Enemy’s Ship will have enemies on them so make sure to go prepared with your gun out to take them out before you do your business.

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