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Starfield: How to Recruit Crew Members



Starfield: Recruit Crew members

Starfield offers a Sci-Fi adventure experience to players in an immense world where players can choose either to roam free or with their crew members. Having crew members around can help players in various ways as all of the recruitable members have a certain number of abilities that can assist players in their adventure.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Recruit Crew Members in Starfield.

How to Recruit Crew Members in Starfield

Players will be able to Recruit Constellation Members as they progress through the main story missions. By completing the missions with different Constellation Members, players will get the option to recruit them without any cost. However, other than the Constellation Members, players can recruit the NPCs that hang around the Clubs and Bars in different civilized colonies. You can find several NPCs for recruiting at Astral Lounge in Neon and Hitching Post in Akila. Talk to the NPCs and ask for their rate for recruiting to hire them and allocate them to your Frontier/Ship.

However, NPCs with exquisite abilities can be hefty to hire. To reduce their hiring price, you will have to persuade them successfully. It can be easily done with the Persuasion Skill from the Social Skill Tree. If you upgrade the rank of the Persuasion Skill, you will be able to persuade them easily with a low recruiting price.

Other than hiring the recruitable NPCs, the players who have picked the Hero Worshipped Trait while creating the character at the start of the game, will get to hire the “Adoring Fan” for free. Once players have reached the New Atlantis, they will be able to meet with Adoring Fan and hire him to ship. Initially, players can only hire 3 crew members at a time but if players upgrade the rank of Ship Command Skill from the Social Skill tree, they can recruit up to 8 crew members at a time.

It is totally up to players whether they want to explore the world with a crew or not. If you are one of the players who like to play alone without getting disturbed by the dialogue of your crew then you should not hire crew members but if the crew members don’t bother you then you can roll with them.

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