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Starfield: How to Use Stealth



Starfield: Stealth

There are various playstyle approaches that you can take in Starfield to complete your journey. One of the playstyles that is worth looking into is the Stealth playstyle as it allows your character to go invisible for a certain period and make it difficult for enemies to detect you. Using stealth also gives an edge to players to sneak their way around the enemies without even fighting them.

Want to know how to use Stealth in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to use Stealth in Starfield.

How to Use Stealth in Starfield

To use the Stealth in Starfield, you will first have to unlock the Stealth Skill from the Physical Skill Tree. You can unlock the skill for 1 Skill Point and it will add the Stealth Bar on your screen telling you if you are hidden or detected by the enemies. Once you have acquired the Stealth Skill, you can enter the Stealth mode by crouching. Press the B Button on the Controller and the Left Ctrl Key on the Keyboard to make your character crouch.

As you crouch down, your character will become invisible and you will be able to walk slowly without getting seen by the enemies. Unlocking the Stealth skill also provides a bonus for the Suppressed Weapons. If you have a Suppressed Weapon in your inventory, equip it and use it while in Stealth mode to deal 5% more damage to enemies.

You can also increase the Stealth potential and suppress weapon damage by upgrading the rank of the Stealth Skill. There are 4 different ranks for Stealth Skills that you can upgrade by completing the challenge for each rank and spending a Skill Point to upgrade to the next rank. If you want to make your character an ultimate stealth protagonist then you should upgrade the Stealth Skill.

That is all related to how to use Stealth in Starfield.

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