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Starfield reveals three populous cities we’ll visit in the massive Bethesda universe



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Bethesda has revealed three videos of Starfield showing what three of the cities that we will visit on the planets of this huge universe will be like, only for Xbox and PC.

After Halo Infinite, Starfield is currently the most important development on Xbox right now. And it’s dated – it’s coming out November 22, but 2022 – a distant but oddly specific date for Bethesda’s next RPG, the first big new IP in years from the creators of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

It was the great revelation of the Microsoft – Bethesda conference at E3 last June, and it was announced with a teaser that left everything to the imagination, despite being in-game images , of the new Creation Engine 2 graphics engine. a while to see images of the game, but today Bethesda has surprised us with three short teasers of three locations.

Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield’s Design Director, is the narrator of these videos, actually animated concept arts.

New Atlantis will be the capital of the United Colonies (UC), which is the most powerful political and military power in the game. In art we see a spaceport, in which ships of all species arrive, “a reflection of the future of our world.

Neon is one built in an aquatic world, on a fishing platform, as the city subsists by selling the fish found there, which have “psychotropic properties”, which are used to create a drug that is only legal within Neon.

Finally, Akila is the capital of the Freestar Collective, a confederation of three solar systems less sophisticated than the previous ones, and less technologically advanced, and in which all its inhabitants believe in the values ​​of freedom and individualism.

Of course, the city of Akila is walled, because outside there are some predators ” crosses between wolves and velociraptors “. I look forward to seeing how they look in the final game.

Starfield will be one of the most determining games for the future of Xbox Game Pass , as it will be offered from day one (that is, November 22, 2022) for subscribers of the service on Xbox Series X / S or on PC.

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