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Stranded: Alien Dawn – How to Assign Tasks to the Survivors



Assign Tasks

The fate of a small group is in your hands as you have to order them to build the structures in which they can stay and survive on an unknown Alien Planet. Players will start with 4 marooned survivors who crashed on an unknown planet. Players will have to start assigning them tasks as soon as they come out of the broken ship. However, it might confuse you as some of the survivors might not work when you assign a task.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to assign tasks to the survivors in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Assign Tasks to the Survivors

The starting tasks for your survivors will be to gather wood and logs from the nearby trees. You can simply click on the tree and you will get the option to cut. It will assign a task to the survivors but only those survivors will cut down the trees who have the “CUT” activity enabled. The same procedure goes for the rest of the tasks. If you order the survivors to scavenge the parts from the ships in the area, the survivors who have the “SCAVENGE” activity enabled will scavenge the parts.

You need to assign different tasks at a single time so, each of the survivors will get to work. You can observe the items in the surrounding area, you can assign the construction of the structures that you can select from the tabs down at the bottom of the screen.

Change Activities of Survivors

However, if you want to speed up things, you can change the activities of each survivor from the Manage Tab at the bottom of the screen. Go to Manage and then select Activities. You will see different points in each of the categories. Just simply assign a point to each of the survivors in a category that you want them to do first and then assign the order. They will get to work right away. You can change the activities from time to time and from the start of the game, just focus on building your camp and then you can move on to the other things.

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