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Stranded: Alien Dawn – How to Start a Farm




Food is one of the most important resources in Stranded: Alien Dawn. As you need to keep alive the survivors, you must have enough food for their survival throughout all four seasons on the Alien Planet. However, there will be no tab on Farming at the start of the game because it is linked to the progression of the game. The more items you observe and discover on the planet, the more tabs you will unlock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to start a farm in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Unlock the Farming Tab

The very first to start farming is to unlock the Farming Tab. All of the Tabs can be seen at the bottom of the screen and once you have discovered a fruit or vegetable or any Non-Edible Plant, you will unlock the Farming Tab. You will see all sorts of different plants at the starting area of the game. You need to simply click on the plant and select the “Observe” option to order a survivor to observe the plant and discover it. However, you must have a survivor that has Observing activity enabled in the Activities section of the Manage Tab.

You will find the following plants in the early area of the game and discovering any one of them will unlock the Farming Tab for you.

  • Berry Plant (Beefberries)
  • Densely-leafed Plant (Chew Root)
  • Orange Mushrooms (Glitter Cap)
  • Squash-like Plant (Buttermelon)
  • Tall Leafy Plant (Graincob)

Start Farming

Once you have unlocked the Farming Tab, you will be able to start your own farm on the land and grow food. After observing a plant, you need to select the Harvest option to gather the fruits and seeds. You will be able to plant the seeds on the ground and start growing the plants on your own. To plant the seeds, you need to select the fruit and then you will see a highlighted area of different colors. The colors will be Green, Yellow, and Red. All of these colors denote the growth rate of the seed that you are about to plant.

Plant Seeds

Make sure to choose the Green Area for more growth rate and you will get to harvest them more quickly. Place the field simply by clicking and dragging and then press the Left Click again to confirm the field. Each type of seed will take a number of days to fully mature so, you will have to wait until they grow and then you will get to harvest them and store the food in the Storage.

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