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Dead Island 2 – How to Defeat Alesis Hernandez (Boss Fight)



Alesis Hernandez

Alesis Hernandez is the second major boss that you will get to fight in the main story of the game. You cannot skip this fight as it is required to defeat it to progress in the main storyline of the game. You will fight Alesis Hernandez in the main story mission named “Michael Anders and Holy Grail” at the Monarch Studios. You will have to go through different sets of studios to find Michael and once you have found him, you will get to fight Alesis Hernadez.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2.

Defeating Alesis Hernandez

Alesis Hernandez is a Slobber Type Zombie who throws Acidic Gob. He is a tank zombie with a lot of health so it will take you some time to defeat it. Alesis Hernandez is also the first Slobber-type zombie that you will get to fight so, you will have to watch out for his moves in order to increase your chances of defeating him. The main two moves of Alesis Hernandez are spewing gob. He can throw the gob directly at your position from a distance as well as his near surrounding.

You need to dodge the gob by moving to the left or right side or you can press the L1 Button to dodge or block it. If you get hit by it, it will deal damage to you over time as well as slows you down. Make sure to dodge it at all costs and try to get closer to him. When you see him spewing around himself, go behind his back to hit him with the heavy attack. It will interrupt him and you will be able to land two to three shots. Make sure to use your elemental weapon on Alesis to deal overtime damage.

You can also lure him near the fire machines and then use the consoles to activate the fire to deal damage to him. When you have depleted half of his HP, normal zombies will enter the arena. You need to take them away from Alesis and take them out one by one so, you won’t get attacked while fighting Alesis. Once you have dealt with them, go to Alesis and then keep repeating the process of dodging his attacks, and then hit him with your weapon.

You can also spin around him while attacking with your weapon and when he tries to attack you just dodge or block to interrupt him. Once you have taken him down, deal with the rest of the remaining zombies and then talk to Michael to progress ahead in the story.

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