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Dead Island 2 – How to Defeat Reubenator (Final Boss Fight)




Reubenator is the final main boss of Dead Island 2 that you will get to fight at the end of the main story of the game. You will get to fight Reubenator in the last main mission named “Hollywood Ending”. You will have to track down Dr. Reed and once you have found him, you will get to fight Reubenator.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Reubenator in Dead Island 2.

Defeating Reubenator

Reubenator is also a Mutator that you have fought in the game but this Mutator will be tricky to defeat as it is the final boss of the game. This Mutator is Dr. Reed and while fighting him, all the other types of Zombies will start to enter in the fighting area. Walkers, Runners, Crushers, Screamers, and Slobbers, you will get to encounter all of them during the fight. The main priority of this fight is Reubenator so, you must stick close to him and use your Curveballs and firepower on him to deal damage to him.

Use your strongest weapon on him and continuously use Curveballs to create space from other zombies and stick to Reubenator. Whenever your Autophage is charged, enter Fury Mode to deal maximum amount of damage to Reubenator. It will be a tricky fight but if you manage to deal a great amount of damage to Reubenator at a single time, you will be able to take him down more sooner. When Reubenator gains consciousness, repeat the process of dealing damage to him and if your Hp gets low, try to go to a safe spot and heal your character.

Make sure to use everything in your disposal to create a chance of surviving and defeating the Reubenator. Once you have defeated Reubenator, you will collapse and the fight will be over.

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