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Dead Island 2 – How to Defeat Butcho the Clown (Boss Fight)



Butcho the Clown

Butcho the Clown is one of the Major Bosses in the game that you will fight in the main storyline. You cannot skip fighting him as it is required to beat him in order to progress in the main story. You will fight Butcho the Clown in the main mission named “Boardwalking Dead” at Santa Monica. Once you have made your way down to the Pier, you will get to fight Butcho the Clown.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2.

Defeating Butcho the Clown

Butcho the Clown is a Butcher Type Zombie who has two sharp blades instead of two arms. He will be the first Butcher-Type Zombie that you will fight in the game and these types of zombies are fast as the Runners. The only thing that makes them dangerous is their sharp blades. By looking at Butcho the Clown, you will get the idea of his attacks but he also has other abilities as well. Butcho the Clown can also regen his HP by feasting on other bodies laying on the Pier.

So, what you want to do is to go aggressive in this boss fight and keep hitting and interrupting Butcho the Clown so he doesn’t fully regen his HP. Butcho the Clown has aggressive blade attacks that can be dodged and blocked. Blocking his attacks at the right time will stun him which will give you the opportunity to deal more damage to him. He can also block your attacks so you will have to hit him on his legs to put him down. Once you have dealt a good amount of damage to him, he will start running toward the bodies to regen his HP. You need to run behind him and interrupt him before his HP goes back to full. You can also throw your weapon at him from a distance. Use your Curveballs and Throwables on Butcho the Clown to continuously interrupt him and once you have depleted half of his HP, activate the Fury Mode.

Go into the Autophage and just attack Butcho the Clown until he goes down. Use your Fury Mode abilities as well to deal extra damage to him. Once he is defeated, take out the zombies in the area to leave the Pier.

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