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Dead Island 2 – How to Defeat Specimen: Noah (Boss Fight)



Specimen: Noah

Specimen: Noah is one of the Major Bosses in Dead Island 2 that you will have to defeat in order to progress in the main story of the game. You cannot skip the fight as it is required to defeat the Specimen. You will fight Specimen: Noah in the main story mission named “The Search for Truth”. You will make your way to Dr. Reed’s Lab in the Ocean Avenue area and you will get to fight Specimen: Noah.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Specimen: Noah in Dead Island 2.

Defeating Specimen: Noah

Specimen: Noah is a Mutator Type Zombie that has all of the abilities of Zombies that you have fought this far in the game. It will be the first Mutator that you will fight in the game and it has a ton of HP. The Mutators have a long sharp arm just like the Butcher Type Zombie and they also have the capability of doing the Ground Slam like the Crushers. You will have to dodge or block the slash attacks of the Mutator and jump over the ground waves.

Stick close to the Mutator and try to block its attack at the right time to stun it for a couple of seconds and then make use of your weapons to deal damage to it. You can also move around the arena to lure him near the fire barrels. Explode the fire barrels to deal fire damage to it. There will be walkers coming for you as well during the boss fight so, it is recommended that you use a bigger weapon like Metal Bat or Hammer to hit them away.

If you stay at a distance from the Mutator, it will also shoot Bone Spikes from its Torso. You can dodge it in any direction as well as block it. But it will be safer for you to stay close to it and spin around it while hitting it to continuously deal damage to it. You will also be able to stun it multiple times when it tries to attack you. Once you have depleted its HP, you will enter Fury Mode. Finish the Mutator while in the Fury Mode and once it has been defeated, you will faint and the fight will be over.

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