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Strangers of Paradise: FFO: 13 features that are new to the series



Strangers of Paradise: FFO: 13 new features that are new to the series

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is the newest installment in Final Fantasy, the game also has new elements compared to the previous Final Fantasy games. You take to the role of Jack Garland in this newest game fighting monsters and exploring the new world of Final Fantasy. Jack wants to destroy Chaos. So, these are the 13 new features you should know to help you before starting the game.

Combat System

The combat system in Strangers of Paradise is very fast but like Souls games mashing buttons will not help you kill the enemies or bosses. In previous installments we had real-time combat, Strangers of Paradise has a Tactical Combat system. In fights against bosses, you would have to play using your environment as cover, and while fighting enemies be sure to use the block mechanics of the game. You can use cover and block to help you win your fights more easily rather than just openly attacking enemies.


Jobs have been tweaked in the Strangers of Paradise; Jobs has been a crucial part of the Final Fantasy Saga. In this game, the Jobs has been tweaked and it works differently. Jack our main Character, uses two Jobs at a time. The jobs currently in use can be changed by pressing only a button. The main class of Jack is the Swordsman. We can change the weapon and it will change the Job. The Jobs have different uses, you should have knowledge about the characteristics of a Job. The Jobs include ranging from defending, ranged attacks, fast movement, and many more.

Use of Items

In Strangers of Paradise, you don’t have to equip the healing item. You can manage the 5 times healing however you want. You can heal 5 times; these 5 times heal resets when you reach a save point.


Strangers of Paradise doesn’t have a continuous New Game option. The game has been divided into Missions. You can access the Missions from the in-game menu. You can do missions again and again how many times you want to increase your in-game experience and perform better in fights. You also get chests that you can open later you can also collect these chests by redoing the Mission.

Leveling up

The level-up system of your character is integrated by the level of the Jobs. Your character will improve leveling up when your Jobs level improves. Jobs also has a skill tree that helps in learning new skills for your character.


A mage has the basic magic spell and elements from the beginning. You can use magic in your fights with the Mage Job, you can also charge your spell as long as you hold the ability button.

Save Points

Save points are similar to other games and to that of Final Fantasy X. Your game will be saved and your heal times will be back to full. The enemies in the Dungeon area reset, every time you touch a save point.

Absence of Gil

The items system is different in the Strangers of Paradise, there are no stores that you will spend on. The enemies do not drop Gil. You don’t have to spend money to get better equipment, you will find better equipment in the dungeons and as you progress further in the game.

Equipment Handling

You can make changes to your equipment and suits at any point in the game through the Tactical menu. You will find different gear and equipment throughout the game. The equipment tier varies and you’ll find different rarity Equipment.

Upgrading Weapons

You can use blacksmith from the Missions menu, you can disassemble your weapons and it will give you parts. You can use these parts to upgrade your weapons, this will upgrade the abilities of your weapons.

Affinity Bonuses

Each weapon has a specific Job Affinity that is used to enhance the skills of each class. The Job skill tree can be used to increase the Vocation. We can equip different items with the same Vocation. If you equip different items with the same Vocations, you will unlock better abilities for that Job.

Nostalgic Maps

Stranger of Paradise has map reworks from the Classic Final Fantasy game. The game includes locations from Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3, and other Class Final Fantasy games. Stranger of Paradise has taken clear inspiration from the Classics and is surely giving the players Nostalgic vibes when they explore the maps of Stranger of Paradise.

Character Customization

Strangers of Paradise has in-depth Character Customization. You can customize your Character any time by going into the battle settings. If you select Equipment it will automatically equip all the highest suits and equipment that is available in your stash. The one thing that you have to be very careful of is that you will find a lot of equipment throughout your gameplay in levels. You have to be careful filling up your stash because if your stash gets full you would have to drop the least important equipment or items. You can get a stash reset once your reach a Checkpoint at the level you’re playing.

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