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Switch lite sold 46,161 units while the Switch sold only 4,424 units in Japan Last week



Switch lite sold 46,161 units while the Switch sold 4,424 units in Japan

It seems Nintendo Switch lite is performing better than the Switch in Japan. According to the sales report (February 10 to February 16, 2020) released by Famitsu, Nintendo Switch Lite sold 63,443 units. On the other hand, the Switch sold only 16,869 units.

The same thing (mentioned above) happened last week. According to the Famitsu report, Switch lite sold 46,161 units while the Switch sold only 4,424 units As of (March 3 to March 8). It means Nintendo Switch has sold over 10,881,146 units in Japan. On the other hand, the Switch lite has sold 1,470,226 units. check ou the last week sales report released by Famitsu:

  • Switch Lite / 46,161 units (total 1,470,226 units) 
  • PS4 / 9584 units (total 7,425,829 units) 
  • Switch / 4424 units (total 10,881,146 units) 
  • PS4 Pro / 4,187 units (total 1,451,362 units) 
  • Xbox One S / 60 units (total 92,941 units) 
  • Xbox One X / 29 units (total 19,028 units) 
  • New 2DS LL / 1220 units (total 1,701,149 units) 
  • New 3DS LL / 77 units (total 5,886,567 units)

Furthermore, Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team tops the list of the best selling games in Japan as of Las week. Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team has sold over 138,548 physical copies.

Second place is taken by Pokemon Sword and Shield which sold over 20,679 units. 3rd position goes to Minecraft Switch version with 12,933 units sold. The fourth position goes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it sold over 12,751 copies last week. The game which holds the 5th position is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And the sixth position holder is Ring Fit Adventure. PS4 Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers takes 7th position. 8th position goes to Super Mario Part. Splatoon 2 takes 9th position and Dr Kawashima’s Brain takes 10th position.

What do you think about it? Why Switch lite is selling better than the Switch.

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