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The Gunk: Xbox console-exclusive indie still scheduled for 2021, news coming soon



The Gunk: Xbox console-exclusive indie still scheduled for 2021, news coming soon

The Gunk, an interesting indie title by Thunderful Games and Image & Form announced as an exclusive console for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC has somewhat disappeared from the radar since its announcement to date, which has caused fear for a possible postponement. but the possibility seems to have been denied by the developers, who have confirmed that the game is still scheduled for 2021 that more news is on the way.

Asked whether The Gunk is still scheduled for this year, Thunderful Games replied “Yes, it is! More information will come soon .” It is therefore likely that in the next period details and perhaps even new materials on this particular title, presented with a trailer during last year’s Xbox Game Showcase, are coming.

The Gunk is a third-person action-adventure that sees us engaged in an alien and exotic world, in which we encounter numerous threats and challenges to complete, including fights and puzzles to solve, while we discover the mysteries of a forgotten planet. while also trying to save him.

The main mission is to save the dying planet from a strange fluid parasite called “The Gunk”, in fact, by trying to get it back to its old glory. The Gunk is both a threat to fight and a resource to exploit since the protagonist can absorb the slime and use it in various ways, also manipulating the surrounding environment and resorting to crafting to obtain additional tools for the adventure.

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