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The main thing from the First PlayStation 5 reviews



Chinese miners claim PlayStation 5 has been hacked

On November 6, Sony lifted the ban on Publishing PlayStation 5 reviews. We have selected key points from them.

General impression

  • Almost all publications note that the new generation is not about how games look, but about how they feel. We are talking about fast downloads, smoother framerate, and the DualSense controller.
  • The console isn’t just big, it’s record-breaking. To install it, some people will have to make changes to the interior.
  • The dark plastic in the center of the console collects dust and fingerprints very well.
  • The stand seems a little cheap in terms of materials, but it fulfills its task — it holds the device quite stably.
  • The user has 667.2 GB of memory available for games, and it is still possible to expand it only for titles of the PS4 era
  • The console is silent and does not heat up
  • DualSense runs on a 6-7-hour charge, just like DualShock 4
  • None of the games use the controller as interestingly as Astro’s Playroom does, but its features are already supported in several third-party titles, including Pathless. Journalists believe that the controller will clearly be used not only by Sony itself — after all, but all its new features also do not change the gameplay itself, only the feeling of it
  • The loading time in most games has been reduced by 2-3 times. Miles Morales has a cold start before gameplay takes 17 seconds
  • Sony does not have an analog of the Quick Resume function, which allows you to download several games from RAM to SSD at once, and then launch them in 4-5 seconds. Instead, the PS5 just has a regular app switcher that remembers a few recent running apps
  • The main menu of the system is as simple as possible — games can’t even be put in folders yet. However, the menu of the titles themselves has become much more functional — there are cards from developers, guides, and other related information
  • You can now edit screenshots and videos directly in the overlay without leaving the game itself
  • The PS5 has a counter of time spent in the game-accurate and without rounding. It also works for backward compatibility

Backward compatibility

  • Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima run on PS5 at 60 FPS with no apparent problems-all thanks to recent patches
  • Bloodborne on the PS5 still runs at 30 FPS, and the game still has problems with frame pacing, as the developers have not prepared any update
  • Until Dawn and The Evil Within now work at an even 60 FPS
  • As with the Xbox Series X, games that had an uneven frame rate on older consoles and multiple graphics modes win the most. Releases with “performance mode” now just work on the PS5 at an even 60 FPS, without drawdowns. This applies, for example, Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • In some games, backward compatibility on the PS5 outperforms that on the Xbox Series X due to the weakness of the PS4 Pro against the Xbox One x. For example, in Sekiro, the PS5, like the PS4 Pro, targets 1800p, so the game runs at a perfect 60 FPS, and on the Xbox Series X there are drawdowns of up to 55 frames due to higher settings on the One X
  • Knack now works at 60 FPS in resolution mode, although the PS4 Pro frame rate dropped below 30
  • When running Sleeping Dogs and DOOM Eternal, the console may display notifications about incomplete compatibility, but both games worked fine
  • The disk version of Assassin’s Creed Unity on PS5 does not work as well as on the Xbox Series X — there are drawdowns of up to 30 FPS. This may be due to the limitations of Boost mode on the PS5
  • Overall, backward compatibility on the PS5 is more basic than on the Xbox Series X. The new console doesn’t add any additional anisotropic filtering or Auto HDR to PS4 games. But the PS5 copes with basic tasks — it gives older games with a higher frame rate or resolution if it is dynamic

Most importantly, PS4 owners who want to upgrade to the PS5 can relax. Your games will work, and even with additional features.

Richard Leadbetter
Digital Foundry

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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