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The PlayStation 5 seller was attacked, but he didn’t give up without a fight



The PlayStation 5 seller was attacked, but he didn't give up without a fight

Police are asking PlayStation 5 sellers to be more careful when making deals with potential buyers due to the increased incidence of robberies. One such incident occurred in the city of Burnaby in Canada, and it was caught on a dashcam in a Parking lot near a local shopping center.

The footage shows The PlayStation 5 seller first communicating with a group of three people, and then one of them suddenly sprays the guy in the face with pepper spray. The latter, however, manages to evade the direct jet and clings to the robber running away with his console, after which a scuffle occurs between them.

It is obvious that the robbers were not prepared for this course of events, as a result of which they had to run away with their tail between their legs, without the coveted loot, which was desperately recaptured from them by a brave dealer.

Here are the footage:

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