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This video compares Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 with the remastering of PS5, but the new one does not always come out well



Sony accepts responsibility for continuing to release games and support PlayStation 4

It is time to repeat that of ” that the trees do not prevent you from seeing the forest “. After the stir generated by Peter Parker’s cosmetic surgery in the remastering of Marvel’s Spider-Man – and Sony’s strategy regarding the update of the game from PS4 to PS5 – it is time to give Caesar what is Caesar’s. The game looks like a fable.

The following video is a good sample of everything behind the remastering: improved draw distance, the color tone used, that glorious way of reflecting the camera turns in a much more fluid way thanks to the improved framerate … Despite the deserved criticism for what they have experienced so far with the game, we must acknowledge their good work.

But beware, not everything is applause. The video emphasizes the lack of objects or shadows on the PS5 version which, whether for performance or not, makes the streets appear somewhat emptier than usual. Also, although almost imperceptible, some vehicles popping in the distance when they are about to go out of the plane.

Despite this, we are facing footage of a game still in development and comparison created based on promotional videos, so to put them face to face and see to what extent the jump is worth it, we will still have to wait a few weeks.

That will be, if all goes well, on November 19, when the remastered version of the game will arrive, along with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the first PS5 games for 2020, accompanying the launch of the Sony console.

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