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Tinykin: Complete Level 4 (Lands of Ambrose) Walkthrough



Tinykin: Complete Level 4 “Lands of Ambrose” Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fourth level of Tinykin in which we have to get the Tea Infuser component from a Dragonfly named Seross.

Lands of Ambrose

As the level starts, Seross will be talking about making a cake to make an offering to Ardwin but the other creatures will be starving and then she and her team will fly into the cupboard. After the cutscene, Seross will talk to you and tells you the importance of the custom and she’ll tell you to help Remy in making the cake.

Remy is near the mixer tool and before you go to him, you’ll need to collect all kinds of tinykins that you can find on the floor. You’ll also get the yellow tinykins at this level. Yellow tinykins will make a bridge from the Plinths. You’ll find the Plinths on different areas of this level to create a bridge with yellow tinykins and cross the gaps.

Now to help Remy, you’ll need to get Lentil Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Baking Powder, Yogurt, and Butter. You can easily get all of the ingredients but for the yogurt and Butter, you’d need to get the key from the Dragonfly’s cupboard. Before that, you can get s the eggs that are on the end of the same counter. Just go straight and grab all of the tinykins and make your way to the eggs. Shoot the pink tinykins on the eggs and they’ll bring them to Remy. Now go a bit back and just after the sink, they’ll be a couple of burgers on which you can bounce on. Go up from that burger and use the green tinykins to jump on the lights and reach a higher ground above the counter. Keep following the path and go up to the cupboard in which the Baking Powder is placed. Jump down from the cupboard and open the glider to go in the cupboard. Explode the wooden block above the baking powder and it will drop inside the bowl with the eggs.

Tinykin: Fourth Level “Lands of Ambrose” Walkthrough

Now go to the middle table and shoot the lock of the Sugar Cube box and get 10 Sugar cubes. Shot 10 pink tinykins to get the cubes and then make a bridge with yellow Tinykins to get the cubes on the counter. Now climb the shelves beside the middle table. You’d find the flour on one of the shelves and you’d need to shoot 30 pink tinykins to carry the flour to the counter. You’ll also have to make bridges to get to the counter but you can make one then reset the yellow tinykins and then make the next one and so on.

Now, it is time to get the yogurt and the butter from the fridge. Inorder to get the key for the fridge, you’d need to open the cupboard’s lock. To do that you’d need to power up the Toaster under the cupboard. There’ll be a switch hidden behind a box on the left side of the toaster. Move the box and then use the blue tinykins to power up the toaster then shoot the pink tinykins on the lever of the toaster and the toast will fly high and remove the cupboard’s lock. To get to the cupboard, you can jump on the burgers on the side and go up from the rope, if you have released the rope while exploring but if you haven’t then you can go from the path where you get the Baking Powder to reach the cupboard’s roof. Once you are on top of the cupboard, jump down and get the key and then go to the fridge’s lock. Shoot the key into the lock and the fridge will open. Grab the butter and the yogurt and then you’ll have to make around 5 different bridges with yellow tinykins. Make bridges one by one and then reset them to make the bigger bridge.

Tinykin: Fourth Level “Lands of Ambrose” Walkthrough

Once all of the ingredients are inside the bowl of a mixer. The mixer will mix all of the ingredients and then you’d need to shoot 30 Pink tinykins to carry the bowl. They’ll carry the bowl to the baking oven and you’d need to make a bridge for them and they’ll throw the bowl on the belt of the baking oven. The cake will be baked and everyone will be at the middle table. After the dialogues, shoot the pink tinykins on the Tea infuser and make bridges for them to carry it to the Chrysal Workshop. The tea infuser component will be put on the device and you’ll go to Transidor Crossing and then go to the next level to get the next component.

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