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Tinykin: Level 3: Waters of Balnea – All Artifacts & Letters



Tinykin: Level 3: Waters of Balnea – All Artifacts & Letters

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get all of the letters and artifacts for Sikaru and Prattle in the 3rd level of Tinykin.

All Letters

There are four letters in total that you have to find in the 3rd level of tinykin and put them inside the mailbox. The mailbox is on the floor of the Silverfish area near the door.

1st letter

You can find the first letter inside the sink in the first area of this level.

2nd Letter

The 2nd letter will be on the fan that you have to turn on for the Silverfish party.

3rd Letter

The 3rd letter will be on a tissue roll under the table with a plant in front of the party organizers area.

4th Letter

The 4th letter is under the sink area. Open the cupboard with Pink Tinykins then go up in the cupboard and you’ll find the last letter.

All Artifacts

Artifacts can be found by completing a side mission of the creatures in the area.

1st Artifact

You’ll need to find the picture in the Silverfish area and give it to the creature in the first area. You can find the picture under the Party Organizers area and then you need to collect the door key from the leaves. After that, you need to open the door with the key and then the pink tinykins will deliver the picture to the creature in the first area. After that, you’ll get the “Cute Picture” Artifact.

2nd Artifact

You’ll need to talk to Haladain and you’ll need to find him the key. You can find Haladain on the counter right next to the cupboard in which you’d find the Laser Pointer. Use the Blue tinykins to pass the current to the wire and an area will be opened. Go through the area and you’ll find the blue ring. Connect the wires again to open the other door of the area. Put the ring on the Ring Holder and you’ll get the artifact named “Steel Entrail”.

Tinykin: Level 3: Waters of Balnea – All Artifacts & Letters

3rd Artifact

Open the cupboard of the sink area and you’ll find Romain. He’ll ask you to clean his teddy bear. Shoot pink tinykins on the bear and they’ll carry it to the washing machine. Shoot a pink tinykin on the button of the washing machine and the bear will be cleaned. Shoot Pink Tinykins again on the bear and they’ll take it back to Romain and he’ll give you an artifact named “Ring of New Beginning”.

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