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Tinykin: Level 5: Celerion Park – Walkthrough



Tinykin: Level 5: Celerion Park – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fifth and last level of tinykin in which we have to get the last component named “Thingy” from Wolter who has set a challenge for us.

Celerion Park

At the start of the level, Wolter will talk with us and he would agree to give us the Thingy if we pass the challenge that he set up. He’d tell us to find particular things for the race and he’d give us the Thingy. We would need to get a Piece of Track, a Car, a Cup, and spectators to start the race.

Grab the red tinykins at the start and then shoot at the block to create silk for the dragon. Use the Soapboard on the silk and then use the glider to go down on the flour. Once you’re on the floor, you need to get tinykins as many as possible. Go around on the tracks and inside the structures to gather all colors of tinykins. After getting around 40 yellow tinykins and a good amount of other tinykins then come back to the floor near the dragon toy. Create a bridge to the platform and then create another bridge to the shelf. Go to the shelf and you’ll find the car. Shoot pink tinykins on the car to carry it and then make bridges for them to bring the car down. Follow them and you’d need to lift up the frame. To lift up the frame, there’ll be a Plinth beside the frame, make a bridge there and go up. Go up the slide and into the structure on the right. Use the ropes to get on the top level of the structure then shoot 10 pink tinykins on the weight to lift up the frame. The tinykins will bring the car to the race track.

Tinykin: Level 5: Celerion Park – Walkthrough

Now go up on the rail right next to the slide you went on and go up on the shelf. Create bridges to reach the shelf and when you go inside the shelf, you’ll find the track piece. Shoot pink tinykins on it to grab it and then assist them by clearing the path so they can put the track in its place. Move the box and make bridges for the tinykins. After that, go under the slide and you’d need to power up the train to get the spectators. Go inside the area and lift up the frame by shooting pink tinykins and then go up and shoot the red tinykins to break the wooden block and you’ll see the power switch. Start putting the blue tinykins on a good distance and go all the way down and out to the power plug to power up the train of spectators.

Now for the last thing which is the trophy, you can find it just straight from the starting point of the track. Go in the corner from the track and there’ll be a guy who will let you keep the legendary sword if you pull it down. Shoot 10 pink tinykins and then make a path for them and they’ll go to the castle area of the level, you’d need to bring a bridge for them and you can do that by going ahead on the area and opening all the gates and then moving a box which will reveal a power switch. Place the blue tinykins all the way to the switch in front of the castle area and turn on the switch to bring the bridge for the tinykins. The tinykins will bring the sword all the way up to the dinosaur and kill the dinosaur with the sword and a door will open in which you’ll find the trophy. Pick up the trophy and put it on the stage near the Microphone.

Tinykin: Level 5: Celerion Park – Walkthrough

After that, the race will start and Wolter will give the Thingy and then just shoot pink Tinykins on the Thingy and they’ll bring it to the Chrysal Workshop. The last component will be placed in the device and the project will be completed. Milo will get into the device but the device will not work properly and a rope will come down from a shaft.

Tinykin: Level 5: Celerion Park – Walkthrough

Go up from the silks and then go up from that rope that goes into the attic. You’ll find Solaria and Meneth near the radio that is playing a song. There’ll be a small house ahead, go up on the house and you’ll find Ardwin but he won’t talk or anything so, pick the red tinykins behind him and then break the tape that is playing on the radio. Then go back to the house and a cutscene will start and Ardwin will talk to you. After the dialogues, Ardwin will help Milo to get home and get inside the device and teleport back to Planet Aegis and the game will come to an end.

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