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TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge: How to Beat Super Shredder



TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge: How to Beat Super Shredder

After defeating several bosses throughout the game, players will face Super Shredder in the last chapter of the game “Wrath of the Lady”. Players can pick any Hero for this chapter and defeat Super Shredder to end the game. Super Shredder is not a tough boss, he is just like other bosses in this game. He has some attacks that will do great damage but he’ll have no defense so when the players get the opportunity, they’ll be able to deal great damage to him.

In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Super Shredder in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

How to Defeat Super Shredder

To defeat Super Shredder, players will need to look for the opportunity in which they can deal damage to him otherwise, they’ll be taking damage from him because he has fire attacks that will stay on the fighting area for several seconds. If you push him after he has done his attack, you might get caught up in the fire and take damage. Super Shredder Boss Fight has two phases in it. The phase change when players will get Super Shredder’s health bar to 50%.

1st Phase

In the first phase, Super Shredder will have two attacks. The first attack that he does is he dash with the fire in a diagonal direction. In order to dodge this attack, players will need to look at his position and the face he is facing then they need to move in the opposite direction before he dashes. Players will not be able to deal damage to him after this attack.

The other attack that he does is that he throws fire in a circle around him but before he does this attack, he would take like a second to cast this attack. Players will be able to hit him with a few strikes or a single super hit. You can dodge this attack by jumping away from him because the fire will be around him. After these two attacks, Super Shredder will recharge and players will be able to deal a great amount of damage to him at this point. There’ll be no defense from the Super Shredder side as he is busy recharging his abilities. Take advantage of this moment and deal damage to him to decrease his health.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, his attacks will remain the same but they’ll deal more damage. Players will need to focus more on Shredder’s attacks and dodge them to play safely in this boss fight. The thing added in this phase is his own four clones. He’d put four clones beside him when he goes to recharge his ability, the four clones will throw fireballs but they are easy to break so hit them quickly to break them and then attack shredder in his resting position. That’ll take a couple of tries but as there is no defense in this game for bosses, it would be very easy to defeat him.

After players defeat the Super Shredder boss. They’ll unlock Casey Jones character that can be played in any chapter you like.

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