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Raft: How to Prepare for Chapter 3



Raft: How to Prepare for Chapter 3

Raft Chapter 3 is here and it offers new destinations, enemies, characters, outfits, machines, and much more. Players would be able to experience new stories in their existing raft worlds so players don’t have to completely start over if they don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean players will be ready to explore new content because there’ll be a lot of things that you might want to get before you can enjoy the new content of the chapter.

In this guide, we’ll be going through the things that you might want to get or make for raft chapter 3.

Preparing for Chapter 3

If you are on your existing raft world, you might have some stuff safe in the storage boxes that might be used in to explore new destinations in the new chapter. If you are beginning from the start then the first thing that you want to improve is your raft.

Improve Raft

The first thing that you want to improve is your raft. Make sure that you have a suitable raft because there are new machines, items, and other general stuff that you want to place on your raft. You cannot do that if you don’t have enough space. Make sure to make your raft big enough so you can put all kinds of needs on the raft. However, if you have played through the previous chapter then you probably know that you have to put Receiver and Antenna setup with engines and a sale to explore past Balboa. Make room for your storage items and keep collecting materials because you are going to need them.

Materials That You Should Gather

Make storage boxes in which you can store different materials. As there are new recycler and trading posts added in the game, you can get your materials from there as well can trade them with other materials. You can collect leaves and plastic again and store them in the storage boxes. The nets on the raft will collect many materials and junk but make sure to store the things that you need.

For the 3rd chapter fill up your storage boxes with every resource you can think of. The resources that you need the most are the Metal Oars and Ingots for the machines. The new machines and new stuff required a decent amount of titanium to build so, you probably have to do a lot of treasure hunting on different islands. You are also going to need a decent amount of Copper Ingots for the tier 2 battery. If you are willing to make tons of batteries then you probably going to need tons of copper to power all of those new machines. You’ll likely also need circuit boards to craft the machines so it’s worth stocking up on vine goo as well. Additionally, scrap is also a very useful resource because every advanced blueprint requires scrap and it’s also a required ingredient for the existing batteries, meaning it will be necessary for the advanced batteries as well. As there are also new tools added to the game which require scrap to make them. Scrap is pretty easy to grind, an island has roughly two stacks of scrap on it and if you prioritize collecting it then you can get a chest full of scrap in no time.

materials raft


You can also make an automated garden on your raft but it’s not evident if you’ll be able to grow these yet or trade for them but the chilis and the turmeric that you see in the trading post menu seem to be the perfect foods to grow on your raft. You can also put these in the new juice recipes. You get certain buffs after meals and drinks. It’ll be useful to have a dedicated tree farm on your raft. Having easy access to coconuts, mangoes, and bananas seems like a no-brainer for juicers. You can put two rows of three tree plots with a sprinkler behind them and then one more tree plot on either side. In that way, they can all get water, and it’s relatively space-efficient. For medium crop plots for watermelon and pineapples, you can arrange them in a little cubby for optimal space usage and you can even pack a total of 10 medium crop plots in the small area to be automatically watered by a raised sprinkler. The chilis and Turmeric will be in a small crop plot, so in the same area as well as the medium crop plots you can fit a total of 73 small crop plots. You can also gather mushrooms, red berries, strawberries, etc. from different islands when you go treasure hunting.

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