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Raft: The Final Chapter: Ending



Raft: The Final Chapter: Ending

After going through all the new locations and exploring them, players will reach the last location of Utopia and after defeating the Alpha Hyena at this location, they will reach the ending stage of the final chapter.

In this guide, we tell you the ending of the final chapter.


After defeating the Alpha Hyena, you will get to the main building where Olof will be standing near the broken window. You don’t have to shoot arrows or do anything. All you have to do is go near him and he will fall from the window but he will get stuck in the wires.

Then go down the stairs on the left side and you’ll see his legs stuck in the wires. There’ll be a Master Key hanging from his neck. Interact with it to grab the key. There’ll also be a Titanium Tools Blueprint on the table that you can grab. After grabbing the key, go to the building whose door was chained. Use the Master key and there’ll be a cutscene in which the people of Utopia will get free and they will put Olof in the Jail. All the people will come back to the shops of Utopia.


After the cutscene, there’ll be people walking around the Utopia and you can talk with them. There are vending machines from which you can buy different stuff for your recipes. You can also get free fruits as well from the baskets around Utopia. That will be the end of Chapter 3 of Raft.

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