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Raft: The Final Chapter: All Blueprints at Utopia



Raft: The Final Chapter: All Blueprints at Utopia

Raft’s 3rd chapter has all new locations on the world map that players can explore and find new items. One of the new locations in the 3rd chapter is Utopia, a city with high buildings and platforms in between the buildings. Players will reach this place by following the story of the 3rd chapter. Players can make new machines by getting a blueprint of those machines and the 3rd chapter has a lot of new machines.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the Blueprints that you can find at Utopia.

All Blueprints at Utopia

Utopia location has three blueprints that you can find. The locations of the blueprints are the following.

Big Backpack Blueprint

This blueprint is inside Detto’s house on the table. You can get into Detto’s house by finding three Detto codes that are hidden in the digging spots of Utopia. You need to dig the marked spots on the Note you get from outside Detto’s house. After getting all three codes, you’ll be able to get into the house and grab the big backpack blueprint from the table.

All Blueprints at Utopia

Electric Zipline Tool Blueprint

After the 1st encounter with Olof, you’ll find the Electric Zipline Tool Blueprint at the platform from where he was throwing bombs. Go into the room and you’ll see the blueprint on the table along with the Warehouse Key.

Electric Zipline Tool Blueprint

Titanium Tools Blueprint

At the end of the game, you’ll grab the Master key from his neck of Olof and when you look to the left side of him, there’ll be a Blueprint on the table. Go and grab the Titanium Tools Blueprint.

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