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Raft: The Final Chapter: Olof 2nd Encounter



Utopia is the last location of the Final Chapter of Raft and there is always a main boss in the storyline. Raft is no exception and the players will encounter the main boss of the game a couple of times before they get to defeat him. The boss’s name is Olof and the players will first see him at the beginning of the Cog Puzzle. Then after the first encounter with Olof, he will escape and go into the warehouse. You’ll get the warehouse key and go into the warehouse where we have to make our way out of his traps.

In this guide, we tell you how to escape the 2nd Encounter with Olof.

Olof 2nd Encounter

When you get to the warehouse, both the doors will be locked and you’ll see an open vent on the floor from which you will go down into the warehouse. There’ll be a lot of cages in that area and a few Hyenas will be wandering in that area. As you reach down on that area, Olof will start talking again and he would be controlling the cages in that area so, he would release a few Hyenas after you kill them and also throws bombs in that area so, you’ll have to find a way out while fighting the Hyenas and dodging the bombs.

Olof will throw bombs just like in his 1st encounter but as soon as you take out the Hyenas, he will release a few more in the area. In order to escape this area, you’ll have to gather the boxes and place them against the wall in the front. You’ll be able to climb the boxes and climb up on the ledge to escape the 2nd encounter. The technique is the same as the 1st encounter but you’ll have to look out for Hyenas along with the bombs. You’ll see several boxes in the area, grab them one by and start placing them on top of each other. Place 6 boxes on top of each other then place 4 boxes on top of each other on the side of the 6 boxes. Then place 2 boxes on the side of 4 boxes.

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