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Raft: The Final Chapter: Varuna Point 6277 – Crane Guide



Raft: The Final Chapter: Varuna Point 6277 – Crane Guide

Raft’s new chapter has a new storyline in which players will go to a crane location name Varuna Point 6277 to discover new blueprints, notes, and information on other locations. You’ll be needing several items for this place and in this guide, we’ll tell you the things you need and what to do on the crane to progress in the story.

Varuna Raft the final chapter

Things you need to Bring to Varuna Point 6277

Varuna point is a big crane on a building. Most of the building is underwater but we get down there later. There are rat enemies in the crane area so be careful of that and make sure you have made some weapons to kill them with. The important things that you need to bring are the oxygen tank and fins. Because we will be diving into the water to look for an item that you need to progress further in the story. You’ll be needing food and water as well because there’ll be a hefty amount of time you’ll be spending in this area. You can find food and water along the way. You are also going to need a zipline so you can go up and down on the wires. These things are important for this place.

Discover the Crane

Once you place your raft on the side of the building, you’ll see scaffoldings. Climb on them and jump your way up on the building. You’ll see a crane above you and there’ll be rats on the building so make sure to kill them before you explore. Your mission here is to climb up on the top of the crane. You’ll be climbing the building and there’ll be broken pillars that you need to jump and parkour your way to another side. Make sure to not fall because it’ll damage you badly and if you are low on health, you will die if you fall. When you reach on top of the building, there’ll be another rat just kill them and make your way to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and you’ll see the main box of the crane in which there’ll be controls of the crane. But you are going to need a key in order to control the crane. Go up the next ladder and go ahead on the railing to find an electric grill and a note. Now the mission is to find the Crane key.

Things you need to Bring to Varuna Point 6277

Find Crane Key

Now you need to go under the water and there’ll be light lighting on the jellyfishes. You need to go to that area and there’ll be your first encounter with the Angler Fish. Kill the fish and you’ll get the new hat of the Angler fish. You are going to find four spotlight parts in that area. After you got all four parts, get out of the area from the same way you get in and go deep into the water and there’ll be another light. Turn the light on and the jellyfishes will move from the area. Go into the next area and make your way through the tunnel. Once you get out of the tunnel, you will find a note. There are also some traps in this place so watch out for them because you can get hurt by them. At the end of this area, before you get out, you are going to find two things.

  • Motherlode Key
  • Advanced Headlight Blueprint

After you get these items, you are going to see a map on the wall which will show you where is the Motherlode. It’ll be right under you so, get out of the area and go deeper into the water. You’ll see some jellyfish, go inside that area and you’ll see a garage. Open the door of the garage and you’ll be inside the Motherlode area. Make your way to the Motherlode area and when you reach the end of the wall with G written on it. The wall will break down by the Rhino Shark. Then there’ll be a boss fight with the Rhino shark. After you defeat the shark, head up to the office and you’ll find the Crane key and the Wind Turbine Blue Print.

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