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Triangle Strategy: How to get true ending (golden route)



In this guide, you will find out how to follow the Golden route to get the true ending of the Triangle Strategy. You have to be careful in your choices in chapters. Your choices are really important throughout the game as it directly affects you positively or negatively. Depending on your choices, some of your characters in Triangle Strategy will be eliminated from the story changing your group and story.


Voting is a really crucial part of the Triangle Strategy as it will change the approach of your game each time there is a voting session between your 7 main characters groups.

Triangle Strategy: How to get true ending (golden route)

You would have to always follow the path which has gotten more votes. So, you would have to explore and find more information about a decision. You would have to at least convince for of your allies to go down your preferred path.

You can convince them to agree with you by exploring and talking to them in exploration quests. You will get a knowledge bonus for doing exploration quests that will help you convince your main group characters to get on your side.

Triangle Strategy: How to get true ending (golden route)

Golden Route Choices

Golden Route is the True ending for the Triangle Strategy, if you’ve lost any of your characters due to your choices you can follow these choices to the true ending which will also reverse your lost characters.

Here is the list of all the vote choices that you have to make in order to get the Golden Route Ending.

Chapter 7

You can vote in any way. If you’re protecting prince Roland don’t use the fire traps. This is the most important step to not use the fire traps.

Chapter 9

You have to choose to work for Sorley Ende instead of revealing his activity.

Chapter 10

You have to tell Svarog Roland’s true identity.

Chapter 11

You have to Defend the town of Roselle.

Chapter 12

You have to keep defending the town of Roselle.

Chapter 15

You have to choose to visit Lord Symon.

Chapter 17

If all the conditions have been met, you’re now have started on the path of the Golden Route.

The golden route will also unlock a secret character. You’ll be able to play the campaign again with all characters after getting the golden route true ending once. The last path will be chosen from the Lord of House Wolffort Serenoa and it can be changed and you’re bound to end the game through this but if you’ve done all the votes and choices above, you’re good to go and you’ll be on your path to the True Triangle Strategy ending.

Triangle Strategy: How to get true ending (golden route)

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