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Triangle Strategy: How to unlock all playable Characters



Triangle Strategy: How to unlock all playable Characters

This guide will teach you how to unlock all the playable characters in the Triangle Strategy. In order to get all the Characters, you would have to do 4 separate playthroughs of the campaign. The characters you unlock in your one playthrough will stay unlocked in your New Game+ playthrough.

Triangle Strategy: How to unlock all playable Characters

At first, there are the story mode recruits that you’ll unlock by choosing the path to follow. To unlock certain characters, you have to follow a certain path. The story mode recruits will be there throughout the story with you might not be available for some time in the story but they are there permanent.

These are the story mode characters you can unlock, depending upon the specific paths. Remember your choices and decisions will help you unlock characters in some chapters of the campaign.

  • Rudolph:  Choose to visit Frostforge in Chapter 3.
  • Corentin:  Choose to visit Dunalgid in Chapter 3.
  • Cordelia: Choose to travel with Roland in chapter 15.
  • Milo: Choose to visit Lord Symon in chapter 15.
  • Trish: Protect the Rose in chapter 11 and travel with Frederica in chapter 15.
  • Travis: Don’t protect the Rose in chapter 11 and travel with Frederica in chapter 15.
  • Avlora: Unlock the True ending.


There is also a huge roster character that you can unlock depending upon the conviction of Serenoa that you want to empower. The appearance of a new character depends on your Conviction that includes levels of the following in your conviction. Conviction consists of Morality, Utility, and Liberty. You can increase all of these by going into battles and talking to characters.


There are a lot of conviction-based Characters that you can recruit and the details for their conviction requirements are following.

  • July: 275 Morality, 110 Utility.
  • Hossabara: 275 Morality, 110 Liberty.
  • Narve: 110 Morality, 275 Utility.
  • Jens: 450 Morality
  • Lionel: 400 Utility
  • Piccoletta: 450 Liberty.
  • Medina: 500 Morality, 400 Liberty.
  • Archibald: 400 Morality, 500 Utility.
  • Ezana: 400 Utility, 500 Liberty.
  • Flanagan: 1050 Morality, 750 Utility.
  • Groma: 1050 Utility, 750 Liberty.
  • Decimal: 1600 Morality.
  • Quahaug: 1600 of Utility.
  • Giovanna: 1600 Liberty.
  • Maxwell: You have to complete Chapter 14 and 750 Morality, 1050 Liberty.

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