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Triangle Strategy: How to reach the secret fork and skip the trial in Chapter 10



Triangle Strategy: How to reach the secret fork and skip the trial in Chapter 10

There is a trial against the corrupt Minister Sorsley, you have to find all the evidence against Sorsley. In the first path of Chapter 10, you will gather the evidence against Sorsley, gathering evidence is the most crucial part of this Chapter and for further progressing the storyline.

You will get a secret path that will help you to skip the trial. if you want to go through the trial follow the trial guide. In skipping the trial, you will have to help the corrupt minister Sorsley. You will work for Sorsley and you will be forced to help him in the illicit Salt trade. You still have to follow the path of morality and collect evidence against the Sorsley. If you become successful in gathering the evidence that is perfect for Sorsley’s illicit salt trade activity then you’ll unlock a special secret fork hide where you can find all the tests and you can get all the correct answers.

Collecting Evidence for Secret fork

In this guide, we’ll help you get to the evidence required to reach the secret fork in the storyline. In order to access the secret path, you have to collect all the tests and have to get all the correct answers. The secret path is the quest “ The carelessness of men”.
So, for skipping the trial and getting the evidence you have to go to the city of Hyzante to search clues against Sorsley.

You have to talk to all the people in the Holy state of Hyzante. You can come back again and the game will give you more dialogue options with people of the city. You have to talk to all of the people again.

You will gather evidence for the following information.

  • Ask people of Hyzante if they’ve seen or heard Sorsley take the bribe.
  • Ask people about the location of Sorsley encampment.
  • Ask people about the vanishing ship, if they saw the ship that got the salt trade.
  • Ask people about the Suspicious trading activity or trader.
  • Ask people if anyone knows about any secret ledger that Sorsley keeps.
  • Ask people if Minister has gotten any message about the illicit salt trade.
Triangle Strategy: How to reach the secret fork and skip the trial in Chapter 10

Skipping the trial

Once, you’ve gathered the evidence and talked to everyone at the Holy state of Hyzante you’re good to go. A pop-up will appear on your screen which will tell you that you’ve received all the required evidence. Now you’ve to end the exploration phase and you’ll get to your encampment. The discussion for Sorsley’s illicit salt trade will start. Now, you’ve to be very careful choosing the options you’ll take part in the discussion.

You have to follow the order of your choices of answers in order to skip the trial.

  • You should answer about Sorsley’s illicit salt trade.
  • Second Answer about the Sorsley’s Secret Ledger.
  • Tell your group about the Sorsley’s Encampment.

After you’ve answered all this information about Sorsley in the discussion the path for the storyline will fork. You and your group will sneak into the Sorsley’s encampment at night to get the secret ledger to verify the evidence about the Sorsley’s illicit salt trade.

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