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Two new DLCs arrive for Resident Evil Village



Two new DLCs arrive for Resident Evil Village

If you were looking for the moment to play a new game of Resident Evil Village, this could be your moment, as two new DLCs arrive for Resident Evil Village. None of them add any type of new content to the campaign, however, they allow you to obtain some profits in a simple way, making your life easier when it comes to surviving in the title.

On the one hand, the Survival Pack will offer you many of the most necessary resources to survive: pistol ammunition, shotgun ammunition, a pick, and a first aid kit. It will be available once for each game you play, through the title merchant. You can buy it for € 0.99 in the Xbox store.

On the other hand, the Mr Racoon Accessory, the second DLC, can also be acquired by the title merchant once per game. In this case, the content will probably not be of much help to you when it comes to surviving in Resident Evil Village, however, it will provide you with a level of decoration that will undoubtedly help you spend your time in the title in a better mood. Like the first DLC, the Mr. Racoon Accessory can be purchased for € 0.99 on the Xbox digital store.

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